Coface quarterly sector risks assessments : 14 sectors in three major regions of the world


North American chemicals, transport, textiles and clothing upgraded from "medium risk" to "low risk"
In North America, sector risk has improved due to the positive economic outlook and the drop in oil prices

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After the economic crisis, what does the future hold for pharmaceutical companies in Europe?


The pharmaceutical sector’s dependence on the economic situation of European countries proved to be crippling for the industry during the 2008-09 crisis, and once again during the sovereign debt crisis of 2011-12. Particularly weakened by reduced health expenditure in Europe, pharmaceutical companies are now looking to revive, expand into new markets and invest in niche markets to break the deadlock.

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Results at 30 September 2014: Coface continues to progress on a path of growth and profitability


Coface’s performance is in line with objectives. At the end of these first nine months, the Group has posted satisfactory growth and solid profitability.

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Polish insolvencies stop rising - but for how long?


The insolvency statistics for Polish companies reflect an improvement during the first half of 2014. In total 402 companies declared bankruptcy, representing a decrease of 11.5% compared to the same period in 2013.

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Coface predicts slow growth of world economy at its first Country Risk Conference in Taiwan


Coface held its first Country Risk Conference in Taipei today which attracted more than 200 people attended the event. Top economists and executives from renowned companies including Fubon Financial, China Credit Information Service, Ltd. and Taiwan Academy of Banking gave their insights on economic developments in major countries around the globe and shared their views on business risk management at the conference.

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Updated country risk assessments


A slow recovery but a recovery nonetheless in the Eurozone, political and financial instability in large emerging countries.

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    In 2003, Coface supported Ping An P & C Insurance Company of China Ltd. to launch the 1st short term domestic trade credit insurance in Mainland China, protecting local enterprises against the risk of non-payment.

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  • Coface 2014 Country Risk Conference - Hong Kong (12 November)

    Coface 2014 Country Risk Conference - Hong Kong

    12 November 2014 (Wednesday)
    - In the Search of Growth Momentum