Western Balkans’ accession to EU membership likely to be completed - supported by the region’s strategic importance


The European Union - Western Balkans Summit will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the 17th of May 2018. This meeting aims to reaffirm the EU’s commitment towards the Western Balkans gaining EU membership. Coface’s economists see the EU accession as likely to happen, particularly as it would counterbalance Russian and Chinese presence in the region.

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Regional economic ambitions of China and Japan show striking parallels


According to Coface, China and Japan are becoming competitors for trade and investment in the Asia Pacific region (...)

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Insolvent or ‘zombies’, distressed companies represent nearly 6% of the total in France


The beginning of the year marked a clear improvement in key business insolvency indicators (...)

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Central and Eastern Europe: Political risks on the rise but no impact yet on local businesses


With the wave of ongoing elections in countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia, Central and Eastern Europe is undergoing a major period of change against the background of economic growth that is still strong (...)

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Africa: diminishing reserves increase risks of another crash


Adversely affected by the slump in raw material prices, most African currencies lost over 20% of their value between 2013 and 2016

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Coface results for the first quarter 2018:


Net income of €35.5m and RoATE(1) at 8.8%; Fit to Win execution drives profitability in a supportive economic environment

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