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SMEs in Taiwan



  • Comprehensive coverage : A cover that ensures you are compensated in the event of payment default or insolvency of your buyers.   
  • 100% Online Management : Just a few clicks to get a guarantee to cover your operations.
  • Peace of mind : You are safe from unpleasant surprises and your turnover is secure.
  • Competitiveness : Preserve and strengthen your competitive advantage and do not be afraid to give more credit to your customers.
  • Financial support : Gain credibility and reliability in the eyes of partners and easier access to bank financing.

DESIGNED FOR small companies

SME credit insurance policy
(taiwan companies)
EasyLiner is a credit insurance offer that protects you against unpaid invoices in Taiwan and abroad. It is specially designed for Taiwan companies with annual sales turnover of USD500,000 – USD12,000,000.


The product consists of three essential elements for effective management of credit you give to your customers:
  • Information and advice on your buyers to prevent non payment
  • The collection of your unpaid bills
  • The compensation amounting to 90% of the approved outstanding amount    






For more information, please visit cofacetw.onlinecreditpolicy.com

About EasyLiner

How does it operate?

  • You get information and advice on your buyers.
  • For each of them, Coface determines and guarantees "outstanding" if you sell several times to the same company, the total amount of credit you give at the same time the customer shall not exceed the amount outstanding.
  • In case of insolvency or protracted default of your buyers, you are assured to be compensated.
  • Coface is responsible for the collection of your unpaid invoices.
  • You manage your contract, credit facilities of your buyers and claims very simply via the secure platform Cofanet.
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