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Insure my Sales with Trade Credit Insurance

Whether you operate exclusively in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan or internationally, there is a constant fear of losses that can be incurred due to unpaid invoices and bad debts. In order to make sure that you are able to run your business smoothly, we at Coface offer trade credit insurance products to protect your business against loss from bad customer debt. With Coface trade credit insurance, you can choose to protect your domestic and/or export business and minimize the risks associated with a customer's insolvency or delayed payment.
  • Growth in Sales - With trade credit insurance products, you can boost your sales by offering favorable credit terms to debtors or prospects and you can also avoid the hassle of using letters of credit when doing business abroad.
  • Cash Flow Relief - Trade credit insurance provides cash flow relief, when debtors become insolvent or are unable to pay bills on time. Losses can be indemnified, allowing your business to maintain its cash flow.
  • Access to Financing - Lenders and financial institutions look favorably on insured receivables.
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Coface insures the trade receivables of Hong Kong SME that produces electronic parts. This company, which has genuine know-how and an excellent reputation, is on the verge of obtaining its first major contract with an international branded manufacturer of electric appliance which requests for 150 days credit terms.
After an in-depth analysis of this manufacturer’s situation, Coface warns the company of the manufacturer’s financial losses in recent years. The CEO, with input from the plant manager and the head of sales for large accounts, is nevertheless prepared to proceed with this order, which alone would increase the company’s annual sales by 5%.
After further reflection, the Chief Financial Officer decides to request a meeting with a Coface analyst, who convinces him emphatically of  serious difficulties in cash flow with the prospect due to non-payment of its largest importer in Italy. In the end, the company declines the deal and leaves it to a competitor. That competitor is never paid by the manufacturer, which files for bankruptcy just a few weeks after the meeting with Coface.


What is Trade Credit Insurance?

Credit insurance offers 3 complementary services : professional assessment of the financial situation of your customers, indemnification and debt collection of your unpaid invoices.

What is the Impact of Unpaid Invoices?

Credit Insurance for Multinationals

Credit Insurance for SMEs and Mid-sized Corporates

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