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URBA360 : Discover Coface Universal Risk Business Assessment tool

Trade smarter with URBA 360

What is URBA360?

The URBA acronym stands for Universal Risk Business Assessment: it is a new Coface risk-management tool you can access via iCON, the Coface platform devoted to information services.
URBA360 is an interactive web app that give you access to our unique data and insight for the risk assessment of companies worldwide. Find your customers, suppliers, and other business partners in the 200 million+ companies, from over 190 countries, monitored and available in URBA360.

Get a holistic view of your risks with the URBA360 Wheel

The URBA360 wheel provides a clear colour code to quickly show you the risk status of a company in 5 key areas:
  • Coface Score – probability of payment default of the company in the following 12 months.
  • Key financials – financial information, rations and peer group comparisons for the company.
  • Credit Opinion – assessment of the maximum limit that can be granted to the company that is recommended by Coface.
  • Sector Risk – assessment based on Coface's expertise and payment experience data, external financial data forecasts and multifactorial key items.
  • Country Risk – assessment of the country risk on the basis of macroeconomic, financial and political data.

What Makes Coface Business Information Unique?

Coface Business Information is the only business intelligence service that integrates our payment experience.
Most business intelligence services provide reports based on filed accounts, which can be years out of date. As a credit insurer we are constantly monitoring over 200 million companies worldwide, keeping an eye on their finances and collecting payment information. We know what companies are paying on time, late or defaulting on payments and we plug this information into to the data provided to you.
We also have over 4,500 boots on the ground in over 100 countries around the world. Our business intelligence tool is not just based off an algorithm but the expertise of thousands of risk experts, adding their insight and opinion to help you make better business decisions.
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