To grow out of its debt, Southern Europe must look beyond tourism and solve its demographic crisis


In the future, climate change and inflation will make it hard for the tourism boom in southern Europe countries to last much longer.
Learn more about the challenges southern European countries will face in the coming years, and the opportunities ahead.

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Xavier Durand: “We’re seeing a wall of debt coming up with substantial due dates in 2025”


In this second part of his interview, Xavier Durand shares his vision of the role of credit insurance in challenging times and the consequences of CSR policies on businesses.

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Coface announces today the expansion of its Asia Pacific Region Economic Research team


Coface has expanded its Asia Pacific economic research team and today announced the appointment of Junyu Tan as Regional Economist for North Asia. Junyu is stationed in Hong Kong reporting to Bernard Aw, Chief Economist of Coface for Asia Pacific Region.

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2024: a pivotal year, in Coface Country and Sector Risk Barometer – Q4 2023


After a somewhat turbulent 2023, which ultimately turned out much better than expected, 2024 is shaping up to be as decisive as it is uncertain, both in (geo)political terms, with more than 60 national elections - presidential and/or legislative - and in economic terms, with risks mounting on a still slowing global economy.

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Challenging times for homebuilders and real estate companies


Construction and real estate sectors are among the most cyclical sectors. Sensitive to changes in the labour market, prices in commodities and, first and foremost, the interest rate environment and accessibility of credit, they are currently under strain. And things are unlikely to get any better in 2024.

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Coface FY- 2023 results: net income at 240.5m and proposed dividend at 1.30 per share


Coface releases its FY-2023 financial results. Net income at €240.5m and proposed dividend at €1.30 per share

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